You Can Get a $3,200 Tuition Rebate

Informative article by Rabbi Meir Levine: Several elementary schools in Crown Heights receive grants to help cover up to $3,200 of tuition per child for children from families with a “financial need”. The deadline to sign up is this Friday.

By Rabbi Meir Levine – Founder and Director of Ateres Chaya Mushka

Several elementary schools in Crown Heights, receive each year for part of their students who have a “financial need”, the amount of $3,200 in tuition help per student, from the Children’s Scholarship Fund (, [email protected]).

The deadline for parents to ask for the $3,200 for this upcoming school year (5782 – 2021-2022) is this Friday, Erev Shabbos Kodesh (June 11th).

A child becomes eligible when he is 5 years old and they move from kindergarten to elementary school (or when they move from public to private school).

All documents must be submitted by this Friday, and in PDF format. The documents required include birth certificates and financial documents, as proof of income (as most recent tax return or notarized employer letter), 1099-G (if you got unemployment), HRA Benefits letter (if you get).

“Financially Needed” are families earning up to $46,548 for a family of two, adding approximately $12,000 per each additional family member, meaning that a family of seven can earn more than $100,000.

The Jewish schools in Crown Heights that get this $3,200 (the average scholarship is $2,253) yearly tuition grant per financially needing student, are Beth Rivkah, Bnos Menachem, Ohr Menachem, and Oholei Torah.

To apply as a new applicant, contact your school.

If a school got the money for this school year, and you want to ask for next school year too, and/or to add a sibling, then click here:

CSF’s website:
CSF’s email address: [email protected]

Rabbi Levine can be reached at [email protected]

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