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Rav Yirmiya Katz is a famous expert and author on hilchos mikvaos and who is involved with overseeing and inspecting many Anash and shluchim‘s mikvaos according to the directives of the Rebbeim.

In his recent sefer Tiferes L’Moshe, he shared this interesting story:

A mechanech in a Boro Park school was having a hard time with a talmid. He wasn’t paying attention in class, and he was disturbing other students from learning. There were those that suggested that the talmid be expelled from yeshiva. Not wanting to expel the student, but feeling pressured, the mechanech decided to turn to the Rebbe for advice.

When the Rebbe heard his predicament, he told the mechanech as follows:

“You see all these seforim here?” the Rebbe said, pointing to the bookcases filled with seforim, “they’re all here so that I can help another Jew, to remove a cloud from him.” The Rebbe continued: “If one has the zechus, you can remove a lot of the cloud. If not, then you can remove a little bit of the cloud.”

The mechanech was still not convinced and asked the Rebbe: “You have many helpers who can help in this daunting task, and I am but one person. How can I succeed in this task?”

The Rebbe answered him: “The secretaries are only of help until the doorstep. Here, I am alone.”

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  1. I heard this directly from HaRav Moshe Zichroman may he have immediate refua shleima staing on the corner of 17 ave cor 45 st. As he related it his entire body was animated with complete enthusiasm.

    He didnt tell me who the efucator was just that ge ban shak…bnon shel kedoshom a son.of a chasidic Rebbe.

    Chaim Dalfin

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