Yomei Dpagra Kits Spread to Cities and Schools Across the World

Chassideishe Yom Tov kits have spread to schools and cities across with world with already 3,000 distributed. The kits aim to help make the Yomei Dpagra a special occasion in your home.

Chassideishe Yom Tov kits were created in memory of Raizel Wolvovsky, to help bring the spirit of the day into your home with candles, suggestions for the celebration, and an exciting raffle and prize system.

Recently the kits have gone viral, being shared in schools and cities across the world with over 3,000 kits being sold. The list of places and schools the kits have been sent to include:

California, 3 schools
Kingston PA
Oholei Torah
Lubavitcher yeshiva
Darchei Menachem
Bais Rivkah
Bnos Menachem
Florida 2 schools
Toronto, boys, and girls
Springfield MA
Bais Chaya Mushka
Gan Academy

Each box includes clear instructions on the back for the best way to use the boxes. Kits contain 2 tealights along with a picture of the Rebbe connected to that special day. The box exterior shows reminders to set up a white tablecloth, light candles, sing a niggun and have a special treat.

The kids are incentivized with a raffle system where they can enter to win gift certificates. Kits are available for Chai Elul, Yud Tes Kislev, and Tes Adar which is quickly approaching, and are available for $0.25 apiece.

For any questions or to arrange pickup, you can call: +1 (347) 992-4152

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