YOEC Bochurim Surprise the Rosh With Sefer of His Shiurim

At a farbrengen this week, bochurim of Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad surprised their Rosh Yeshiva Harav Ezra Schochet with a hard-cover sefer that compiled the shiurim he delivered over the past year.

To celebrate a successful year of learning, the class of Shiur Beis Zal of Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad (YOEC) Los Angeles have compiled the shiurim of their Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Ezra Binyomin Schochet into a hard cover Sefer.

Spanning various sugyos from the mesechta being learned this year – Meseches Shabbos, as well as Sefiras Ha’omer, the bochurim spent numerous hours over the past year, within the framework of Yeshiva’s Seder, as well as countless hours in their own free time, expounding on the shiurim, committing them to paper and carefully editing and proofreading the text before it being looked over by the Rosh Yeshiva.

The 144-page Sefer titled ‘Likutei Shiurim’, arrived in Los Angeles from Breuer’s Printing in Monsey, NY at the end of last week. At a farbrengen for his grandson’s birthday, the Sefer was presented to the Rosh Yeshiva, who expressed his appreciation and thanked them for this significant undertaking. He then farbrenged about the main avodah of a bochur – Limud Hatorah, and the importance of learning without making cheshbonos.

A copy of the Sefer has been gifted to every bochur in the shiur, in this very befitting thank you to their respected Magid Shiur.

The bochurim of Shiur Beis would like to thank the various individuals who assisted with their time and resources to make this project happen. A big thank you is also extended to the sponsors for their generosity.

A special thanks to Levi Hakohen Cohen and Eli Hakohen Rosenfeld for their intense dedication to this endeavor, and for working tirelessly on the sidelines in this testament to the class’s involvement, as well as to Rabbi Yosef Avtzon and Yosef Greenbaum for their assistance in editing and proofreading the shiurim and spending countless hours on this project.

The bochurim also thanked their dear Sho’el Umaishiv, Itche Polter for his total devotion to their class, as well as his contagious chayus and koch in every Sugya.

They also thanked Adam Menachem Mendel Diamond for his technical and logistical assistance, bringing this work to fruition.

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