YKY Will Relocate to Cozumel for the Summer

The Yeshivas Kayitz Yerusholayim summer program, run by Rabbis Shmuel Schneerson and Yosef Avtzon, will be relocating to Cozumel, Mexico for summer 5781. They announced their head staff for this summer.

Due to the pandemic and the restrictions in Eretz Yisroel, Yeshivas Kayitz Yerusholayim has moved its location to the island of Cozumel, Mexico for this summer.

YKY has secured an entire former hotel as their dorm, the Chabad house Shul to learn in, and three catered meals a day.

Cozumel is also known for the many exciting activities available, kosher restaurants, and the opportunity to do Mivtzoim with the many Jews that visit year-round.

YKY opened merely 2 years ago, and became famous for the experience provided to its campers. 

The program offers a unique learning experience, specifically built to enable the talmidim to achieve very concrete learning goals such as finishing a masechta, alongside an active schedule of trips, sports, farbrengens, and more. 

The program is led by Rabbis Shmuel Schneerson and Yosef Avtzon of Los Angeles, both serving as teachers and educators in the local Yeshivas in California.

They will be joined by a dedicated group of staff members, bochurim who are currently Maggidei Shiurim in Yeshivas around the US: Shmuel Dubinsky of Passaic, Shmuli Feiner of LA, Aron Goldberg of Seattle, and Shneur Polter of Detroit.

For more information about the program, visit ykysummer.com

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