YKY Concludes First Unforgettable Week in Mexico

Yeshivas Kayitz Yerusholayim, this year taking place in Cozumel, Mexico has concluded its first week with smashing success, with learning, davening and no less than two trips.

Yeshivas Kayitz Yerusholayim, this year taking place in Cozumel, Mexico has concluded its first week with smashing success. 

Unlike any other program, Yeshivas Kayitz Yerusholayim has set from its inception to achieve a goal of providing unforgettable experience and extremely packed schedule without compromising on its learning schedule and Chassidishe atmosphere. 

As the bochurim arrived from all over the United States to Cozumel last week, they were greeted by the incredible staff, led by Head Counselor Shmuli Feiner of Los Angeles CA, and were welcomed with a lavish meal and orientation. 
A strong learning schedule started immediately, with every single bochur participating in the Sedorim and Shiurim. Classes in Chassidus and Gemoro, and chavrusa times for gemoro, halacha, sichos, and more, had brought a fresh chayus to the shul and place. 

During the first week alone, the bochurim had enjoyed 2 trips like no other, with the first being snorkeling at 3 different sites around the island, looking at the reef and interacting with wild sealife. The Yeshivas Kayitz had hired 2 large boats that can hold everyone and for 4 hours they were traveling by sea from location to location, jumping into the waters of the Caribbean Sea to look at those incredible sights. 

The second experience was the famous dolphin park of Cozumel. The park was closed to other groups and the boys were able to experience the full options of this park, from watching the dolphins, playing with them, doing some training sessions, and watching them perform different tricks, to the cherry on top: swimming with the dolphins.
This trip was accompanied by lunch prepared and served by Chabad of Cozumel, headed by Rabbi Dudi Caplin. “We’re grateful to him for all he has and continues to do for the program,” staff said.

A special mivtza was also announced, coming also as many of the bochurim are working hard to finish the masechta we have started this summer – with great prizes awaiting at the end. 

The program was also privileged to join Chabad for the Shabbos tefilos and add to the special and joyous atmosphere there, with dancing, farbrengens and a seder niggunim overlooking the ocean toward the end of Shabbos.

YKY is thankful to Chabad of Cozumel, Rabbis Dudi Caplin and Shlomy Peleg for their hospitality, Ovad Levy – an excursion expert in Cozumel – for his continued assistance, and the incredible staff working nonstop to provide the bochurim with this chassidishe and impactful experience.

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