Yiddish Pamphlet Has Boro Park Learning Sichos In-Depth

Every week, hundreds of pamphlets featuring a sicha are distributed to shuls throughout Boro Park. This publication is unique both in regards to its target audience, as well as the display and select content.

“א טיפערן בליק,” is the befitting name of the most recent project launched by Mifal Hafatza in Boro Park. Translating as “A Deeper Look (Insight), “א טיפערן בליק״ is an initiative to study Likkutei Sichos and display the relevance and novelty which the Rebbe’s Torah provides, even for a population who is already well-versed in the weekly Parsha.

Every week, hundreds of pamphlets featuring a Sicha are distributed to Shuls throughout Boro Park. This publication is unique both in regards to its target audience, as well as the display and select content. It features the original text of the Sicha itself (all elaborations are printed in distinct, smaller lettering.) 

Furthermore, the carefully chosen Sichos are generally drawn from the first four volumes of Likkutei Sichos, as known these Sichos were the texts which the Rebbe edited, intending for them to be shared by bachurim and yungeleit at Shuls in communities all over. 

The success of א טיפערן בליק is already seen amongst many grateful Yidden around Boro Park. 

Mifal Hafatza director R’ Yoel Naparstek shares: “Recently, while at a local Shul, I encountered a bachur who was clearly searching for something. After seeing him pick up the טיפערן בליק I approached him to inquire about his thoughts. He thanked me profusely and shared that every week he looks forward to it and that learning the Rebbe’s Sichos has gifted him with guidance in his day-to-day life! 

“We received a phone call from Bachurim in a certain yeshiva, requesting to receive our Sicha-brochure weekly. 

“Rabbi S. Weiss, of our mosad, happens to know one of the mashgichim there. He called to check whether this was OK, and was warmly told that the yeshiva would be very happy to receive א טיפערן בליק! 

Hundreds of people are actively receiving the printout and learning it each week. As an added incentive to appeal to the younger crowd (who are used to learning in programs), Mifal Hafatza hosts a weekly test on the phone, and participants even receive a small stipend. We have thus created a designated hotline for learners to call in with any questions or clarifications and be tested at 718-977-5099. 

A businessman in Boro Park who learns Chassidus once took a few extra pamphlets and brought them to a group of yungeleit attending a Kollel. The reaction was very positive, and they requested to continue to receive the Sichos. He was so impressed that he offered to sponsor a week’s publication, and at this time, he is personally delivering the pamphlets to four different groups of people! 

For more info, to receive the weekly sicha, or for sponsorship opportunities, please feel free to reach out to the director R’ Yoel Naparstek at [email protected]

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  1. Where can I get it on PDF to print every week? I think this is not only for Boro Parkers… I think we in CH would also enjoy this

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