Yid In US Army Stays Connected Through Dvar Malchus



Thanks to a new subscription service by Dvar Malchus, a Lubavitcher chossid stationed on a U.S. army base overseas, is able to study the Rebbe’s Torah on base.

Ben*, has been stationed on a U.S. army base in Germany, for almost nine years. There, he works as a Senior Systems Programmer for one of the USAREUR (United States Army – Europe) divisions.

Ben also happens to be a frum Lubavitcher, which is a lifestyle that can get pretty difficult when you are located so remotely. “Fortunately, since the Army commissary sells mostly American products, I can buy most kosher staples like margarine, oil, dishwashing soap, etc. there,” Ben said.

When it comes to meat, bread, or dairy products however, Ben needs to arrange shipments from different cities across Europe, such as Antwerp or Strasbourg. “I have three large freezers to ensure that I maintain a steady supply of these items. There is no running out on Friday for an extra chicken because unexpected guests arrived!”

The same problem is applicable with Judaica items. Ben must order taleisim, seforim, and other items from the United States at least 6-8 weeks in advance because of shipping times via the U.S. Army postal system (APO). To quote Ben, “In Tishrei I’m already ordering my supplies for Chanukah.” 

About a month ago, Ben read online that Dvar Malchus was launching a new subscription service, and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to receive the Rebbe’s Torah on base. He immediately reached out via email, and within a week and a half, his first shipment arrived on base in Germany. 

Receiving the Dvar Malchus on base has impacted Ben’s life tremendously. “Having access to D’var Malchus allows me to catch up on Rambam, or learn a Maamor during free time at work,” Ben said, a luxury that he has not been able to maintain consistently until now.

For more info about Dvar Malchus subscriptions, email [email protected].

*Real name withheld for security reasons.

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