Yichus and Ancestry through the Lens of the Rebbe’s Letters 

Rebbe Responsa Issue 13: The Rebbe’s English letters on Yichus and Ancestry plus two newly released letters.

In this week’s issue of Rebbe Responsa, explore what the Rebbe says about ancestry and Yichus. Starting from the common heritage that unites the Jewish people, our Patriarchs and Matriarchs and the common Jewish heredity qualities, and as well as Chassidic ancestry and descendants of Rabbeim and great Chassidim. Another letter deals with a Shochet having a hard time getting a job because of his Yichus and the last letter on this subject discusses whether a Shidduch should be disqualified because of Yichus. 

Additionally, there are two newly released letters, one addressing the auspicious time of the Seven Weeks of Consolation and the importance of spreading Yiddishkeit, and another discussing how one can make G-d a partner in his business. These selected letters are sourced from the extensive collection of over 5,000 English letters written by the Rebbe, accessible through the Rebbe Responsa app.

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