‘Yesodos’ Seminar for New Shluchos Back by Popular Demand

A two-day program for new shluchos called “Yesodos L’hatzlachas Hashlichus” will empower women to ensure programs are in sync with the Rebbe’s standards, remain inspired and connected, and maintain a balance between family life and shlichus.

If you are about to move on shlichus, are actively seeking a shlichus position, are thinking about shlichus as an option for your family, or have moved on shlichus within the past two years, the Yesodos L’hatzlachas Hashlichus Seminar is an incredible opportunity and learning experience for you.

The two-day program is geared specifically for women entering the unique role of a shlucha. It aims to empower women with knowledge, tools, and inspiration to give them the confidence to succeed in their shlichus.

Merkos has hosted a similar workshop for men for the past six years, and received incredible feedback from the women’s workshop held two years ago.

“Preparations are underway for an enjoyable, relatable, and informative seminar,” says Mrs. Stery Goldberg, the women’s seminar director. “Each session will be packed with essential topics for every new shlucha.”

The seminar is divided into hour-and-a-half-long sessions, each given by experienced shluchos, mechanchos, and experts in their respective areas. The seminar focuses on the fundamental mindsets necessary before embarking on this crucial mission of the Rebbe, and how they apply to various situations that come up as a shlucha.

“The importance of building a proper foundation before setting out on shlichus is invaluable,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. “We hope this ‘Yesodos’ seminar will be a pivotal step in giving the new generation of shluchos the tools they need to build a thriving shlichus.”

The sessions cover the particular qualities that a woman contributes to her shlichus, how to ensure that one’s programs are in sync with the Rebbe’s standards, how to remain inspired and connected, how to maintain a balance between family life and shlichus, creating a support system in line with the Rebbe’s vision, specific halachic scenarios and questions that often come up, and more.

The topics and content have been selected by a Vaad of Rabbanim and a team of experienced shluchos.

“The seminar was very impactful for me,” says Shaina Gurevitz, who attended the last seminar just after moving on shlichus to Hall County, GA. “The values and practical tips that were shared by the speakers still empower me in my shlichus today.”

The seminar will be held in Crown Heights, Wednesday and Thursday 4 – 5 Tammuz/July 10 – 11.

An early-bird discount is being offered until 12 Sivan/June 18. For more information and to register, visit https://www.newshluchim.merkos302.com/yesodosShluchos, or email [email protected].

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