Yeshivas Kayitz South Africa Announces Summer Staff

Back for its 15th year, Yeshivas Kayitz South Africa (YKSA) is excited to announce their staff – back for their second time!

YKSA is known to reveal the bochrim’s potential in learning while having tons of fun! Packed days filled  with learning, farbrengening and awesome trips!  

“ I never had so much fun learning!”  

“I never learnt so much!!”

“Learning is so cool!”

“Best trip ever!”

Under the guidance of the Yeshivas’s senior Rabbis, Rabbi Wagner, Rabbi Kesselman and Rabbi Levi Tzukernik, the staff  will B’ezras Hashem, once again guide the Talmidim in Torah and Chasidishkeit, while experiencing the summer of a lifetime, completely permeated with the single Shlichus of our time: preparing to greet Moshiach immediately.

We hope and pray that we will experience this Yeshivas Kayitz all together with the Rebbe at our lead – in ירושלים הבנויה עיר שחוברה לה יחדיו!

Registration is now open for Bochurim coming out of Shiur Beis & Gimmel Mesivta. Apply now at: – and stay tuned for YKSA new website coming very soon !

The names of the staff are:

  1. Yosef Bergstein – Head Counselor
  2. Yossi Deitsch – Head Counselor
  3. Dovi Bronstein – Gashmiyus Director
  4. Boruch Shneur Kalmenson – Maggid Shiur
  5. Mendel Kramer –  Maggid Shiur
  6. Shneur Schapiro – Maggid Shiur
  7. Tzemach Cohen – Counselor
  8. Shloimy Cohen – Counselor
  9. Sholom Friedman – Counselor
  10. Sholom Mintz – Counselor

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