Yeshivas Kayitz South Africa Announces Staff

Yeshivas Kayitz of Johannesburg South Africa has announced their hand-picked staff for the upcoming summer 5783.

Yeshivas Kayitz of Johannesburg South Africa is gearing up for another amazing summer – better than ever before.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Noam Wagner – Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yosef Kesselman – Mashpia and Rabbi Levi Tzukernik – curriculum director and Magid Shiur, YKSA will once again strive to surpass all limits in the study of Nigleh, Chassidus and Inyonei Moshiach while having an unprecedented good time Begashmiyus.

They will be joined by ten hand-picked staff: Sruly Kivman, Sholom Ber Gerlitzky, Sholom Reicher, Binyomin Gordetsky, Mendel Kramer, Avremi Elberg, Sruli Liberow, Tzemach Shanowitz, Levi Kivman, and Moshe Rosenfeld.

Check out the video and get a glimpse of the bochurim enjoying a summer-of-a-lifetime while learning Maseches Brochos in its entirety as well as finishing Sefer Hamaamorim Meluket Beis!

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