Yeshivas Kayitz Postville to Open 8th Grade Program This Summer

Yeshivas Kayitz of Postville, Iowa, which has been running successfully for over ten years, will be expanding to include an eighth-grade program for the upcoming summer.

Yeshivas Kayitz in Postville, Iowa, is excited to announce the opening of an eighth-grade program for the upcoming summer. This is a result of the tremendous success of the general Yeshivas Kayitz program in recent years, which has motivated the institution to expand its offerings.

The Yeshivas Kayitz in Postville has been running summer programs for over ten years, and their past successes have encouraged them to offer this new eighth-grade program.

The eighth-grade program will follow the same principles and offer a similar experience to that of the general Yeshivas Kayitz program. This means that students can expect an immersive and engaging summer experience filled with daily shiurim, chavrusa learning, and farbrengens.

“We’ve had many parents express interest in an eighth-grade program, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to offer this to our students,” says Rabbi Gavriel Levin, the director of the program.

Participating in the eighth-grade program at Yeshivas Kayitz in Postville can also be an excellent preparation for the students’ continued learning in mesivta the following year. By spending their summer immersed in a chassidishe environment, the students will have the opportunity to strengthen their foundation in fundamental Torah concepts, learn new skills, and develop a deeper appreciation for their Yiddishkeit. By participating in this program, students will be able to hit the ground running when they begin mesivta and will have a head start in their continued learning and growth.

In addition to the strong learning schedule, the eighth-grade program will also offer various recreational activities to keep the students engaged and entertained. The program will feature sports (not leagues), swimming, and trips to local attractions. All activities are planned with the students’ needs and interests in mind, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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