Yeshivas Kayitz of Crown Heights Off to a Great Start

Talmidim at Yeshivas Kayitz of Crown Heights older division concluded their first week filled with learning, davening, farbrengens, and a trip to the Ohel, as well as swimming, go-karting, woodworking, and other activities.

By staff

For the 5th year, Yeshivas Kayitz of Crown Heights, under the directorship of Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, has opened its doors to fulfill the Rebbe’s directive to continue learning through the summer months. Students completing grades 1-8 enjoy a summer packed with serious learning and exciting activities.

Every day of the week (Sunday included) the boys have real learning – Chumash, Mishnayos, and Gemara – taught to them by year-round rebbis. After learning the majority of the day – 1:30 for the younger division and 3:40 for the older ones – the boys then partake in exciting summer activities.

The older division, led by successful Rebbis Chaim Polter, Shmuel Wagner, Mendy Oster, and Shmuel Klyne, completed a solid week of learning.

The boys prepared earnestly for Gimmel Tammuz and went to the Ohel on Erev Shabbos. Bochurim of grades 7-8 had a Shabbos farbrengen with Rabbi Yehudah Leib Aronson, who teaches them Chassidus and organizes exciting activities and trips in the afternoons throughout the week. 

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