Yeshivas Erev of Crown Heights Holds Grand Finale

The Lubavitcher Yeshiva Simcha Hall was swarming with hundreds of boys this past Thursday evening, there to receive their long-awaited seforim vouchers that they earned this year by attending Yeshivas Erev.

The Lubavitcher Yeshiva Simcha Hall on Crown and Albany in Crown Heights was swarming with hundreds of boys this past Thursday evening, 10 Sivan, ready to receive their long-awaited sefarim vouchers that they earned this year by attending Yeshivas Erev.

Rabbi Z. Sorkin, the dynamic coordinator of Yeshivas Erev, opened up the grand finale with words of praise for all of the boys that devoted every evening of the week to further themselves in Limud Hatorah – some reviewing their Gemara, others joining the Mishnayos Gavriel Project, still others doing their homework and some learning Mishnayos and Tanya Bal Peh.

Rabbi Mendel Yuzewitz, menahel of Ohr Menachem, then addressed the boys, who were mesmerized by his description of how valuable their Torah learning really is.

Rabbi Sorkin then thanked all of the Mashgichim and older Bochurim for their great devotion to the boys that made this year such an outstanding one. He presented each of them with a beautiful gift as a token of appreciation.  The evening was also the climax of the Shabbos K’halacha project of 5782 where the boys reviewed all of the Lamed Tes Melachos and Halachos in Yeshivas Erev Shabbos Guide. This beautiful project was sponsored by Yossi Frimerman l’iluei nishmas his parents.

The following boys were the top winners of the Shabbos K’Halacha Competition: Gabi Baumgarten, Yanky Belinitzki ,Shmully Fischer, Shimon Geisinsky, Moshe Gourarie, Mordechai Kaplan, Yosef Lipsker, Shmuel Dovid Marozov, Mendy Osdoba, Mendel Rendler, Chaim Rimler, Shmuli Sasonkin, Shmuel Shurpin, Meyer Wallach, Zalmy Yarmush. They were each rewarded with a certificate and a beautiful set of seforim.

Finally, the evening was concluded by presenting each of the boys that attended the Yeshivas Erev with a seforim voucher to be cashed in at Kehot. The amount each boy received was based on his attendance and accomplishments during the past year.

Yeshivas Erev Yehudah Kalman is a project of Igud Menahalei Yeshivos headed by Rabbi L. Newman,  Rabbi H. Lustig and Rabbi Y. Simpson.

Yeshivas Erev will continue iy”h this summer in the Agudah Shul on Crown Street in the evening from 7:00 to 8:00 P M. beginning on Tues. 29 Sivan. 

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