Yeshiva Ohr Menachem of Napierville Marks 20 Years of Success

Students pass through Yeshiva Or Menachem’s doors and discover their inherent value and unique strengths. The Yeshiva reflects on its success of the past 20 years.

For the past 20 yrs, young boys have been passing through Yeshiva Or Menachem’s doors. Here they discover the joy of success. They discover their inherent value. They discover their unique strengths.

What’s the secret to Or Menachem’s success? The Yeshiva gives a simple answer: Our staff, our students, and our programs.

Or Menachem has an extremely high staff-to-student ratio. Approximately one staff member to every two students. The staff is in tune with the student’s needs and they facilitate the student’s on their path to success.  They create a growth-oriented environment and care about every student. They strive to create a warm and open atmosphere and to follow the Rebbe’s directives on chinuch.

Coming from various backgrounds and a wealth of experiences, the students each bring something unique to Or Menachem. The students are constantly taking on new challenges in their avoda They create an open environment for their peers and create strong bonds with each other.

Or Menachem, offers a variety of programs and students are able to complement their studies with woodworking, construction, safrus or shchita. Weekly fabrengens are held with guest mashpiim who inspire. The yeshivah also offers mivtzoim and weekly trips to add excitement to the routine.

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