Yeshiva Mayan Torah of Pomona Welcomes Two New Magidei Shiur

Yeshiva Mayan Torah of Pomona announced that they will be welcoming Rabbi Berish Rotenberg and Rabbi Naftali Zaltsman to their staff next year as magidei shiur.

Yeshiva Mayan Torah of Pomona announced that they will be welcoming Rabbi Berish Rotenberg and Rabbi Naftali Zaltsman to their staff next year as magidei shiur for Nigleh.

The Mesivta opened with 22 bochurim in Shiur Alef and is expanding to Shiur Alef and Beis next year. Rabbi Nochum Labkowski will remain the Menahel.

Rabbi Rotenberg was raised and educated in Eretz Yisroel. He learned a few years in Oholei Torah, and was a Shliach in New Haven. He completed Smicha at the Yeshiva at the Ohel. This past year he is at Kollel Mayan Chai in Flatbush, under the leadership of Rabbi Yoseph Vigler and Rabbi Menachem Kahn.

He was hand-picked and sought after due to his unique blend of being a serious Talmid Chochom, with a caring and warm personality, a passion for Chinuch and leadership skills.

Rabbi Zaltzman learned in Mesivta of Lakewood and Yeshiva Novominsk Boro Park. After being exposed to Chabad Chassidus in Lakewood, he transferred to Tomchei Tmimim Migdal HaEmek. He continued in 770 and has been learning in Kollel Menachem under Harav Yosef Heller for the past 2 years since his marriage.

Rabbi Zaltzman grew up in a family which breathed Torah and Chinuch. His father learned in Kollel in Yerushalayim for 15 years and has been a Gemara teacher for the past 12 years. Being a magid shiur was always an aspiration.

For the past 4 years, he founded and ran a Yeshivas Kayitz program teaching Nigleh and Chassidus attracting dozens of bochurim from Olamishe backgrounds.

He has a passion for Chinuch and a special geshmak in teaching bochurim.

“Over this past year, the tmimim have no doubt given the Rebbe much nachas. The yeshiva’s unique study program has put the bochurim on target to finish Masechta Gittin or much of it, in the various levels, and know it well with the chazara system they used,” one of the Yeshiva’s hanhala told

For the coming year, the Yeshiva plans to divide Nigleh, both iyun and girsa, into multiple tracks:

For iyun they will have a blatt shiur and amkus shiur. Rabbi Rotenberg will lead the amkus track for bochurim who wish to cover and know well scores of masechtos in Shas over the years of mesivta.

Rabbi Zaltzman will lead the blatt track granting bochurim comprehensive knowledge and clarity in Gemara.

For girsa they will also have various options for each bochur to find the track best suited for him, to grow and be matzliach and maximize their potential.

A position of Mashpia is open. The Yeshiva has an emphasis on caring for each bochur.

In Seder Chassidus, bochurim have learned through a large portion of Tanya and many maamarim of the Frierdiker Rebbe with Chazara. Daily Inyanei Geulah U’Moshiach, finishing the entire first volume of Shaarei Geulah with tests and a final on the entire Seder.

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  1. great choice for the Yeshiva! as I know Rabbi Naftali Zaltsman personally, he will bez”h have Hatzlacha more that can be put into words together with Rabbi Berish Rotenberg & the whole staff!

    Hatzalach Rabba Umeflaga!!

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