Yeshiva Campus of Suffield Opens Registration, Plans to Open Zal

Yeshiva Campus of Suffield Connecticut is opening registration for Mesivta for the shnas halimudim of 5784 – 5785, and announced that plans for Yeshiva Gedola (Zal) are underway as well.

Yeshiva Campus of Suffield Connecticut is opening registration for Mesivta for the shnas halimudim of 5784 – 5785.

Yeshiva Campus of Suffield Connecticut launched for the 5783 Yeshiva year with a Mesivta, led by Rabbi Benzion Bluming – dean and menahel of the Yeshiva Campus, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Fogelmanmenahel of Mesivta and Magid shiur of shiur aleph, and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sorkinmashpia shiur aleph. After completing its first successful year the mesivta has seen tremendous growth which led to the hiring of Rabbi Avraham Wolf Magid shiur of shiur beis. and Rabbi Shneur Shapiro Mashpia of Shiur Beis.

Attending to all the bochurim’s needs are R’ Nissen Eichorn, menahel gashmi and campus manager, and R’ Daniel Arroyo, the Yeshiva’s Master Chef who provides the bochurim with nutritious top-quality meals.

The Yeshiva is a place where every Talmid, under excellent and individual guidance and supervision, will broaden his knowledge and deepen his understanding in Gemara, Halacha and Chassidus. Infused with simcha and avodas Hashem, the robust education is rooted in the values bequeathed to us by our Rabbeim, the founders and leaders of Tomchei Temimim.

The Yeshiva’s focus is to provide the highest standard of learning along with a warm and Chassidishe environment. This is achieved by the hanhala’s dedication and by a high staff-to-talmid ratio, allowing for personal attention and deep relationships.

The Yeshiva caters to all the talmidim’s needs, allowing them to holistically dedicate themselves to learning and avodas Hashem.

The campus boasts a 140,000 sq. ft. building situated on 60 Acres, with 900 feet of frontage on the Connecticut river. It includes several large study halls (Zals), 167 dorm rooms, an Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool, a double court gym, and a large 2-story library filled with a variety of seforim.

Plans for Yeshiva Gedola (Zal) are underway as well.

To apply for Yeshiva Ketana for Elul 5784 click here.

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