Yeshiva Campus of Suffield Launches Yeshiva Gedolah for 5785

Following on the success of the Mesivta launched just 2 years ago, this unique Yeshiva endeavors to “Up the Ante” by launching a Yeshivah Gedolah for Shnas Halimudim 5785, beginning BEZ”H Rosh Chodesh Elul 5784.

Following on the success of the Mesivta launched just 2 years ago, this unique Yeshiva endeavors to “Up the Ante” by launching a Yeshivah Gedolah for Shnas Halimudim 5785, beginning BEZ”H Rosh Chodesh Elul 5784.

The leaders of this Yeshiva state that “failure to plan is a plan to fail.” With this in mind, the Hanhala have clearly laid out their goals for the Yeshivah Gedolah in a clear, well thought-out Mission/Vision Statement, with a full description of its deliverables and the methods it will use to achieve its aims.

The Yeshivah Gedolah, endeavors to bring us back to our roots, and follow the system of Tomchei Temimim, founded by the Rebbe Rashab in 5657. Our work is to illuminate, to enlighten the world with the light of the Torah. To develop students who will be solidly grounded, mentchen, diligent students, yirei shomayim, refined and cultivated, imbued with the spirit of Chassidus, radiating Chassidishe warmth and compassion, their hearts and minds striving to correlate to Hashem’s inner intent.

The Yeshivah staff have committed to dedicate themselves, with Hashem’s help, to reveal in every student, according to his unique path and ability, the “אור כי טוב.” For him to become his true self, and to give him the “tools” for life; to enable him to be genuine in his Avoda through learning the fundamental values and beliefs of Chassidus, to develop himself, as well as to work with his surroundings, and ultimately to impact the entire world. To be a fully dedicated Chossid that is connected to אילנא דחיי, one who is stronger and prouder from one day to the next, to live according to His holy will, to go in His ways, to bond to Him, and to fulfill His directives.

The Yeshiva has laid out thorough Plans and Goals to achieve its aims in all aspects of a Yeshiva bochur’s life, utilizing unique methods in learning, avodah and hashkafa, based on the prescriptions the Rebbe Rashab has laid out when founding Tomchei Tmimim, as he transcribed them in its manual titled “Kuntres Eitz Hachayim.”

As the Rebbe said with regards to education, “Es brent a fire” and there is no option to procrastinate and postpone action. With this in mind, the Yeshivah is aiming  to be rid of the “identity confusion,” where a bochur can be are alienated from his own identity as a Chossid. The Yeshiva strives that each student knows clearly who HE is!  and what HE is!  and what HE needs to achieve as a chabad chossid!

It does not want to see the years in Yeshiva as just merely another “stop on the train” of life, rather, it challenges us with the notion that the time spent here in Yeshivah is full of learning Nigleh, Chassidus and Hashkafa, learning to feel and live spirituality, Davening with Avodah Pnimis, developing a personal connection with Hashem as prescribed by the Rebbeim of Chabad. This is with the express intent and goal to have a profound impact on their future, and serve the student as a foundation for life ahead.

The Mission/Vision Statement and Deliverables for the yeshiva lays out a full menu and a virtual Road Map of the methods it will use to achieve its stated aims of bringing us back to our roots– להחזיר עטרת ליובאוויטש ליושנה.

This will be achieved through an intense planned curriculum, teaching a derech halimud in nigleh and chassidus, as well as hashkafa, using standards set by the Chabad Rebbeim.  The many farbrengens, where hearts are opened, allow for authentic communication internally and with the staff and friends. Chassidic gatherings have a purifying effect on the atmosphere, creating a radiant environment that illuminates the path to serving Hashem, grounding the student on a foundation of truth that resonates deeply within their mind and heart, forever impacting their spiritual journey.

With One-on-One sessions, a deeply personal, internal, and heart-to-heart connection is forged between each student and the Hanholo, nurturing a profound sense of spiritual growth, love, and understanding. This allows the Hanholo to be attuned to the unique needs and experiences of each individual student, embracing them with guidance and empowerment.

The Yeshivah atmosphere will be infused with the vibrant energy of Hiskashrus, bonding strongly and deeply with the Rebbe. This is cornerstone of a Chassid’s life in all of his avodah, and especially for the Tmimim, the Rebbe’s children.

The Yeshivah is located in beautiful Suffield Connecticut, in a stunning 60-acre campus, with 900 feet of waterfront on the charming Connecticut river. The Yeshivah is housed in a unique first class 140,000 Square foot building complete with an architecturally stunning Zal/Study Hall with 40-foot ceilings, a 2-story library (complete with book elevator), large dining hall, reading rooms, etc.

Three daily nutritious meals are served from the Yeshivah’s own kitchen, prepared by its very own in-house Chef. Boruch Hashem there is no lack of nutrition, so that the student can flourish and grow in their learning and avodah. Of course, this yeshiva also accommodates any special dietary needs of its various student body whether its Celiac, gluten free, dairy free, nut free etc. In order for the student to be healthy and vigorous, and be able maintain a clear head and concentrate on their studies, the facility boasts a full-size indoor swimming pool, regulation size gym with 30 foot ceiling, game room, fitness center as well as many outdoor courts and fields. The facility has a 156 seat sloped theater used for remote classes and Farbrengens with the Rebbe, and well as 180 renovated Dorm rooms with 385 Beds capacity.

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  1. Who is the Hanhaךa of this yeshiva?
    There is a very detailed mission statement but no mention of the Mechanchim who will be implementing it.

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