Yahrzeit Gathering Pays Tribute to R’ Shneur Hirsch

Friends and family gathered Sunday night to mark the first yahrzeit of R’ Shneur Hirsch and pay tribute to his kindness, generosity, his genuine yiras shamayim and love for Torah.

Photos: Shneur Reintz/Anash.org

Friends and family gathered Sunday night to mark the first yahrzeit of R’ Shneur Hirsch, a successful Crown Heights businessman who was known for his kindness and chessed.

The event, which took place in Crown Heights, was addressed by family members, associates and lecturer Rabbi Shais Taub.

Three of Shneur’s children spoke, sharing their memories of their father and special moments they had with him. Friends and business associates recalled his generosity, his kindness, his genuine yiras shamayim, love for Torah and countless acts of chessed.

Rabbi Yossi Lebovics, a brother-in-law of Shneur, made a siyum on mesecha Menachos, and shared a hadran of the Rebbe of the mesechta, and an emotional tribute was paid by R’ Shneur’s father-in-law Rabbi Meir Gitlin.

Following the official event, his friends sat down for an informal chassidishe farbrengen, sharing personal memories, and pledging to continue his acts of chessed.

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