Yagdil Torah’s Latest Campaign Makes Zero Dollars, But Lots of Sense

Yagdil Torah encourages men in the work force to reach out to their fellow businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals, demonstrating how easy it is to be part of a Mivtza so dear to the Rebbe – with returns many times the initial investment.

By Yisroel Abramson and Menachem Zirkind

Dear fellow Anash members Sheyichyu,

50 years ago on Tu Bishvat of 5731, The Rebbe started a global campaign where he made a powerful appeal to Jews across the globe to “take over the world” with Limud Hatorah. This ended up being referred to as Mivtza Torah and is of the first six of the Rebbe’s 10 mivtzoim.

In the Sicha of 5731, the Rebbe highlights the importance of professionals and entrepreneurs taking additional time to invest themselves into their Torah learning with added passion and fervor. As fellow members of Anash, we feel the special privilege and obligation to encourage our Anash brethren everywhere to increase in Limud Hatorah and to encourage others to increase in their Torah learning.

This year marks 50 years since the Rebbe founded Mivtza Torah. In honor of Shnas Hachamishim, we’d like to offer a few specific suggestions for how you can get involved in participating in this important Mivtza as well as spread the light and joy of Torah to those around you:

  • Spend an additional 50 minutes a week learning b’chavrusah or on your own.
  • Spread the excitement to 50 other people to help them reach their goals of implementing additional time and energy into Torah learning.
  • Think of your own creative idea for how you can enrich your learning and spread the word to others!

Having seen tremendous goodness in our lives as a result of taking time to learn Torah during and after our work hours, we encourage you to join this initiative. We have personally seen the positive impact that came as a result of setting aside time and energy to learn each day, on our personal, familial and professional lives.

We’re honored to join hands with you in spreading the importance of integrating the joy of Torah learning into every element of our lives; our businesses, our homes and most importantly, our own minds and hearts. Together we look forward to “taking over the world” with the light and the warmth of Torah, one intentionally invested moment at a time.

Excerpt of Sicha Translation (Sicha Excerpt Below):
Now is the time that we need to “conquer the world” through investing in and adding in Limmud Hatorah with even more strength and vigor. This addition needs to also be implemented amongst the businessmen; even though they have a specific amount of time that they are obligated to learn, they can still add in the quality of their learning; through delving deeply into the learning) and investing themselves. Maybe they can even ‘steal’ from the hours that (they would otherwise be) working and utilize them to learn Torah.

Tu Bshvat 5731
עכשיו הזמן שצריכים “לכבוש” העולם ע”י יגיעה והוספה ביתר שאת וביתר עז בלימוד התורה. הוספה זו, צריכה להיות גם אצל הבעלי עסקים, דאף שעפ”י דין ישנם שיעורים קבועים בכמות הזמן שצריכים ללמוד הרי נוסף ע”ז שבשעות אלה שהם צריכים ללמוד, עליהם להוסיף באיכות, בעיון ויגיעה וכו’ – הנה צריכים הם “לגזול” גם משעות העסק ולנצלם ללימוד התורה
ט”ו בשבט תשל”א

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