Worldwide Sefer Pilpulim To Be Published For Rebbe’s Birthday

In honor of the Rebbe’s 120th birthday, a group of bochurim in 770 are publishing an unprecedented international sefer, together with zals from all around the globe, as a gift to the Rebbe in honor of Yud Alef Nissan.

By Levi Spiegel

In honor of the Rebbe’s 120th birthday, a group of bochurim in 770 are publishing an unprecedented international sefer, together with Yeshivos Gedolos (zal) from all around the globe, as a gift to the Rebbe Lekavod Yud Alef Nissan.

The sefer consists of a collection of הערות ופלפולים written by temimim worldwide, focusing specifically on the Rebbe’s Torah.

The Sefer has biurim in each and every part of the Rebbe’s Torah: Sichos, Maamarim, Letters, Farbrengens, Reshimos, etc. and covers a wide range of topics, from an in-depth analysis in the definition of a desert in relation to carrying on Shabbos, פשטים in chumash, to דיוקים in the Rebbe’s לשון in his hagod’o.

As of writing, the sefer is ready to print, but the organizers are lacking part of the funds needed to complete the printing on time. Today, they are turning to the public to ask for help funding this historical project.

But before that, on a personal note, I would like to tell you why this publication is so special. Let me go back with you three years ago to when I was in Shiur Beis mesivta in Lud. One Seder, a topic in Torah caught my interest. I looked into many sources and dived deep into this topic. After a couple of hours of researching and speaking with rabbi’s, I came up with some sort of explanation. I wrote it down and left it in my drawer.

When the Sefer Pilpullim in honor of Yud Alef Nissan was announced, I decided to send it in. Indeed it was accepted, edited, and reformed into a very professional and beautiful piece.

When it was done, I received a final edition of the piece to look over. All of a sudden it hit me: this small piece I wrote as a young Bachur is actually worth something. It’s being published in a hardcover book, will be seen by numerous people, discussed and commented on! Most importantly, it’s a gift for the Rebbe’s birthday, and it will be added to the books that the Rebbe keeps on a special shelf dedicated to the books he cherishes most, the bachurim’s he’oros and pilpullim. And yes my הערה is in it!

As a Lubavitcher, you most likely know how much the Rebbe appreciated the הערות ופלפולים of the Bachurim and Anas”h.

The Rebbe always pushed for more He’oros and Pilpuli’m, and showed much appreciation and interest in the Kovtzim and he specifically requested that they be printed and have a professional appearance.

Often we would see the Rebbe holding the Kovtzim inside his holy siddur, and many times he would peruse through them during Kabbolas Shabbos by לכה דודי. And as if that is not enough, the Rebbe would even answer questions that were addressed by the bachurim in these booklets, not only in short but in full length Rash”i Sichos!

The Rebbe made it crystal clear to the Chasidim that he had a special love for these Kovtzim, and that they were very dear to him.

What’s the reason the Rebbe cared so much about the Bachurim’s He’oros?

As Chasidim we value being humble, being in a state of Bitul. This is emphasized especially by Bachurim. We often struggle to appreciate our own Torah studying, our Pilpulim and He’oros, because we know that they are considered nothing compared to the depths of the essence of the Torah. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of interest and enthusiasm in learning. 

The Rebbe’s cure for this phenomenon was to encourage the publishing of Bachurim’s he’oros, pushing them to make booklets and books of their own חידושי תורה. The Rebbe, knowing that bachurim are so humble and wouldn’t have the guts to publish their own חידושים, spoke about it frequently, and encouraged it more than he usually did for things of this sort. And as mentioned, he also showed an extraordinary amount of care about the details of these חידושים and questions the Bachurim had brought up.

All these pilpullim that have been gathered from 24 Yeshivos around the world into one book is a tremendous gift to the Rebbe, and i’m sure the Rebbe will go through every פלפול in the book, and when the time will come he will answer every question that was addressed in this Sefer, and in any Sefer of this sort. Maybe we will have the merit that he will say a Sicho on one of these He’oros. This is how much the Rebbe cares for us; he invests his energy in something that seemingly isn’t worth even a second of his precious time, the bachurim’s kovtzim!  …All for us to have passion in our learning.

This is our Rebbe. 

Let us invest ourselves in what was important to the Rebbe, and take part in the publishing of the הערות and פלפולים of the bachurim, to show our appreciation, support, and respect for their efforts, just like the Rebbe.

Donors who give $500 will have a half-page dedication printed in their name, and for $1,000 one can purchase a full page dedication. The full sefer can be dedicated for $8,000.

To take part in the printing, or to dedicate part of the sefer, please email: [email protected]. It’s also possible to donate directly by zelle or cash app (with the above email), or click here.

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