Workshop for NJ Shluchim Focus on Children’s Emotional Wellness

Chabad of NJ’s Mental Health Initiative (MHI) hosted a workshop on children’s emotional wellness with prominent presenters including Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow, Rabbi Chaim Schapiro, and Mrs. Dena Gorkin.

Chabad of NJ’s Mental Health Initiative (MHI) hosted a workshop, “Supporting our Children’s Emotional Wellness” at Chabad of Montville. This two-day event featured prominent presenters including Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow, PsyD LP, Rabbi Chaim Schapiro, and Mrs. Dena Gorkin, who explored the vital topic of “The Art of Forging Deep and Meaningful Connections with Our Children.”

These back-to-back workshops provided NJ Rabbis and Rebbetzins with invaluable information, insights, and tools to support children’s emotional wellness. The day also included components of Torah, Tefilah and Tzedakah for our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

“The most important part of education is making connections with our children” emphasized Rabbi Dr. Shagalow “Before even attempting to educate a child, make sure to have a complete understanding, both academic and emotional, of the child. If you want to have any influence on your children, connection needs to come first.”

One exciting aspect of this event is that it offers an opportunity for NJ Shluchim to become eligible for a generous grant, allowing them to host mental health events in their individual communities.

In its fourth year, the Mental Health Initiative (MHI) continues to provide essential resources for community leaders. MHI offers a range of professional training sessions, access to on-call mental health consultants, subsidies for personal therapy for clergy families, and annual Kinusim. This success is possible thanks to the support of Governor Phil Murphy, Senator Richard Codey, and Rabbis Moshe and Mendy Herson.

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