Women’s Wellness Magazine Releases Pesach Edition

Rivky Boyarsky and Sara Loewenthal, co-founders of Bodies and Souls reflect on the immense growth their platform has received. The movement aims to empower Jewish women to live their lives connected to Hashem and the Torah with wellness and health.

As final edits are being completed for the Pesach/Spring edition of the Bodies & Souls Digest, Rivky Boyarsky and Sara Loewenthal, co-founders of the Bodies and Souls platform, reflect on the immensely positive reaction these publications have received. 

“This is a women’s magazine that conforms only to the highest standards of Torah values,” says Sara. Rivky explains, “This means that the voices that are magnified are grounded firmly in Torah, whether they are speaking about health, wellness or Ruchnius. We want to make sure all women feel comfortable reading our pieces.”

The team at Bodies & Souls, including Avigail Stern, Hadassah Zirkind, and Chaya Carlebach, has grown organically through readers and followers who have embraced the mission and empowerment that this publication stands for. Every woman on the team is passionate about empowering Jewish women to live their lives connected to Hashem and the Torah in the deepest possible way. From the designers, marketing crew, editorial staff, and writers, the team at Bodies & Souls is here for YOU. They have fully curated content featuring art, design, and intellectual content that is of the highest quality. 

Bodies & Souls has also begun offering inspired gift items. These are gifts that you can buy for yourself or someone you love that are both beautiful and meaningful. With inspirational Jewish themes, these gifts are one of a kind. https://bodiessouls.com/store-2-2

For only $40 you can subscribe to receive the digest 4 times a year with 2 additional subscriber-exclusive curated publications! This is a wonderful gift to a friend, a relative, or yourself! You can also order an individual digest, shipped free to your home for $11.99. Bodiessouls.com/digest. 

For more information or to get involved in our wonderful platform, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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