Women’s Pirkei Avos Program to Honor R’ Mendel Landa

Mishnah for Neshama: A global Pirkei Avos network of women’s groups with a beautifully prepared curriculum will honor the neshama of R’ Mendel Landa, a young Lubavitcher father who recently passed away. Sign up your community here.

Neshama for Mishna is an initiative that ensures that the light and legacy of a young father, R’ Mendel Landa, continues to illuminate the paths of others.

Mishnah shares the same letters as neshamah, symbolizing our achdus and learning as a tangible zchus for R’ Mendel’s Neshamah.

Across the globe, women from diverse communities gather on Shabbos to delve into the wisdom of Pirkei Avos, guided by a beautifully prepared curriculum.

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In a world craving light, Mishnah for Neshama shines brightly as a testament to the power of achdus and Torah learning. 

Through the collective efforts of all the women joining in a common purpose, we honor not only the memory of R’ Mendel’s holy Neshamah but also the enduring legacy of learning and love that he embodied.

With תפילות for the ultimate נחמה with the arrival of Moshiach now.

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