Women’s Circle to Hold 10th Annual Melave Malka

The Women’s Circle of Crown Heights’s tenth annual melave malka will be taking place Motzei Shabbos with a live stream on Anash.org, and featuring an address on Bitachon by Rabbi Shais Taub.

Our fates and our wallets are determined each year on Rosh Hashana, my husband reminds me regularly (especially when I show him our tuition statement). He feels that we shouldn’t scramble to make more money…but we need it! “If Hashem already did the calculations, who am I to try to outsmart Him?” he asks.

My son is nearing the end of his yeshiva education and my husband would like him to pursue a degree to save him (and his future wife) from the stress we went through as penniless newlyweds. But I don’t know! I have read that bochurim shouldn’t worry about parnossah until they actually need it. Shouldn’t he wait until he is married and settled?

How much effort should we expend to manipulate our destinies? Is that even the right approach?

Rabbi Shais Taub will answer all these questions and more at the Women’s Circle’s tenth annual melave malka. Bitachon is no buzzword: it is our modus operandi, now more than ever. Join us for an in-depth exploration of this important subject. Our crowd may be smaller this year, our venue different, but the Circle’s warmth and welcome are stronger than ever. 

Please consider supporting our work on behalf of the women and families of Crown Heights. Tickets for our exciting auction (including great prizes from Mink Jewelers and Everything but the Baby) can be purchased in advance or at the event. Tickets are 1 for $6 and 4 for $20.

Motzei Shabbos Parshas Va’eira, January 16th at 8:30 pm.667 Crown Street
$36 by advance reservation only.

For reservations to this exclusive event, or for auction tickets, please call Chanel at 718.778.6712, visit www.chwomenscircle.com or email [email protected].

Rabbi Taub’s talk will iy”h be streamed live on Anash.org beginning at 9 pm.

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