Women’s Circle Melave Malka Closed a Seven Year Circle

In 2015, Mrs. Leah Rubashkin told the Crown Heights Women’s Circle that her husband’s kapote and hat were neatly stashed in her trunk, ready for his release. Seven years later, they got to hear the other side of the story.

In 2015, Mrs. Leah Rubashkin told the Crown Heights Women’s Circle that her husband’s kapote and hat were neatly stashed in her trunk so that when prison called announcing his release, she wouldn’t waste a moment. At the time, several women privately expressed/thought pity for the woman “not in touch with reality.”

They were proven wrong of course. Mrs. Rubashkin sailed into Otisville on Zos Chanukah two years later and picked up her waiting husband, fresh change of clothing in hand. 

Several hundred women were enthralled by the other side of that epic story when Rabbis Sholom Mordechai and Getzel Rubashkin spoke at the Circle’s tenth annual melava malka last month. The pair, on stage together for the first time, shared the trials and triumphs that encapsulated the senior Rubashkin’s 3,000 days in a place called prison. More than the captivating tales behind bars, was Rabbi Rubashkin’s exceptional emuna and bitachon that helped him to daily transcend his cell. The talk was laden with practical stories and lessons for each woman to incorporate into her own life. 

Together with the life-changing presentation, guests enjoyed a lavish buffet, live music, a video presentation and a riveting speech. Each woman was gifted an exquisite tshura composed of ten of the many chassidus classes the women learned together on Wednesday mornings. The compilation includes translated and elucidated texts accompanied by original artwork. Below, please enjoy a sample class. To reprint the book in its entirety, please email [email protected].

Please join the Women’s Circle on Purim Katan, February 15-16, for a 36-hour campaign to help fund their life-changing work in Crown Heights. Your partnership will allow the Circle to continue offering free classes, low-cost special events and shabbatons, and financial assistance to local families in need. The Circle makes Crown Heights go Round.

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