Women Worldwide to Light Shabbos Candles For Yitzi

Shabbos is coming, and with it – Rabbi Yitzi’s 50th Birthday! Jewish women and girls all over are joining in the celebration. The global birthday gift for Yitzi is nearing its goal, and it is up to each of us to get it over the top.

Women worldwide are asked to join the Shabbat Candles For Yitzi Campaign. Spreading the light of Shabbos all over, we are encouraging as many Jewish women as possible to light Shabbos candles, with Rabbi Yitzi in mind. The Shabbat Candles For Yitzi campaign is even more significant this year, as Yizi’s Birthday is celebrated on Shabbos.

Rabbi Yitzi has been bedridden with ALS for nine years, severely limiting his ability to continue his shlichus of reaching out to his fellow Jews. In honor of his milestone birthday, friends worldwide have united to partner with Yitzi’s work, with the goal of accumulating 30,000 Mitzvos!  All week long, Tefillin for Yitzi has been rocking in every state and all over the world. Over 4500 men have already put on Tefillin in Yitzi’s merit.

The lighting of Shabbos candles has always been special to Yitzi. In his own words:
“In my own home I always love watching Dina and my girls lighting candles each week. There is something so holy and pure about it—it fills the home with the Divine presence and G-d’s blessing. It is also very moving to me that many women and girls use their candle lighting time to pray for their loved ones and for all who are in need of their powerful prayers.”

Each picture that is submitted is individually viewed by Rabbi Yitzi.

Yitzi has been incredibly happy and moved by the outpouring of love and friendship until this point. Every mitzvah that he sees brings him so much joy and life! As he says, “It is the best birthday gift I can ever ask for”, so let’s keep them coming!

A special additional request to all the women and girls from Rabbi Yitzi: “Please can you include me, Yosef Yitzchak ben Brachah, in your special prayers as you light your Shabbat candles? It would be an amazing honor for me.”

Light and Help another Jewish woman to light Shabbat Candles on time.

Add your candle & birthday wishes to the global light!
Before lighting or after Shabbat send a note via WhatsApp (or text):
+1 770-810-5134
or email to [email protected]

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