Women Unite by Learning Rebbe’s Letters

‘In Response To Your Letter’ is a new women’s learning event produced by Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus, dedicated to learning and connecting to the Rebbe in preparation for Yud and Chof Beis Shevat.

In Response to your letter is the newest women’s learning events produced by Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus.

It is part of a series called Always Connected dedicated to women’s learning and connecting to the Rebbe through texts, sichos and letters from the Rebbe’s response.

The letters of the Rebbe are such a precious gift for us Chassidim as they provide insight into the Rebbe’s perspective on a multitude of topics in a very personal manner.

Reading how the Rebbe responds to real life challenges can help us see a different, elevated point of view and allows us to understand the Rebbe’s approach when we experience similar challenges in our own lives. 

This beautiful program is being offered to Anash communities around the world. They will receive everything they need to produce a beautiful and meaningful evening of learning for the women of their community, from graphics to learning materials to access to an acclaimed list of facilitators who will present the courses. The expert facilitators will tailor the course to the community’s needs to ensure that all of the participants will enjoy what the classes have to offer.

The course participants will be encouraged to ‘find themselves’ in the letters, to hear their struggles in the pain that comes pouring forth from in between the lines, and to understand their solutions through the Rebbe’s holy, loving and practical advice.

The course itself is a multimedia presentation that includes a unique curriculum and custom video presentations that will capture the audience’s attention and keep them spellbound from beginning to end, and leave them wanting more. 

Upon receiving the new course, one facilitator commented “Wonderful! Wonderful! So happy that the Rebbe’s Igros, which are literally life- sustaining & soul- nourishing, will  be getting more publicity & study!”. Another one said “thank you! such holy/powerful/timely and timeless work”.

Topics addressed in the classes include:

Can “No Plan” Really be the Better Plan?
The Rebbe’s response to the challenge of raising a large family

Finding My Personal Calling
Doing You at Your Best

Foundations for a Harmonious Home

Seeing past faults, overcoming anger, learning to compromise and other fundamentals to create a nurturing Yiddishe home.

When Life Isn’t Perfect

Life isn’t always peaches and cream. It comes with disappointments, challenges, anxiety and sadness. We’ll probe into four letters of the Rebbe that guide us through the ups and downs we encounter in our life’s journey.

There are over 30 communities and educational institutions from all around the world taking part in this Hachana for Yud and/or Chof Beis Shevat and uniting with one goal in mind.

Wishing this program was in your City or Shul?

Make it happen for your community for Yud or Chof Beis Shevat.

Vaad Or Vechom will provide you with all of the resources you need as well as promotional material for you to use to get the word out.

For more information and to bring this eye opening and inspiring program to your community visit: OrVechom.com/ResponseToYourLetter

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