Women Preparing For Elul and Tishrei With A Learning Initiative

Dozens of Chabad Women are preparing for Elul and Tishrei with Living Chassidus’ Tishrei program. Participants are provided with inspiring daily readings, prizes to stay motivated, and biweekly farbrengens with engaging speakers.

By Living Chassidus

In just a few short weeks, the king will be in the field. Ayeka – Where will you be?

Jewish school children learn that the month of Elul is a special time to connect to Hashem our king and to prepare for the yomim noraim. They are taught that how they conduct themselves during this time will impact the rest of their year. How do we apply this knowledge after we have graduated from school and are caught up in the daily grind of life? You may decide to prepare by learning something, but difficulties often crop up: which Sefer to use? To do it independently or with a chavrusa? How to stay motivated throughout the yomim tovim?

The solution comes in the form of SAI Tishrei (Systematic Avodah Initiative Tishrei). This program from Living Chassidus brings together post-seminary women to learn in a structured and fun environment. Participants are provided with inspiring daily readings from Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s book 60 Days, a journal for reflecting on and applying the material, prizes to stay motivated, and biweekly farbrengens with engaging speakers.

Living Chassidus is an organization in Crown Heights directed by Sharon and Michal Weiss. Over the past ten years, they have built up a warm and inclusive community with a focus on supporting post-seminary women as they take their next steps in life. Living Chassidus features an array of programs that participants can learn and grow from in all aspects of their life. There are daily shiurim, farbrengens and classes to prepare for yom tov. Living Chassidus brings in speakers on health, finances, and child-rearing to empower participants with this important information. Living Chassidus also arranges meals for Shabbos, and assists in Shidduchim and other areas of life. One of Living Chassidus’ most well-known programs is the SAI Tishrei program (formerly known as 60 days). 

Here’s a sampling of what SAI has done in the past: speakers have included Rabbi Shais Taub, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Rabbi Ari Shishler, Mrs. Goldie Plotkin, Mrs. Rochie Pinson and more. Prizes from past years have included treats, jewelry, home decor, and of course sefarim such as an illustrated machzor, Lessons in Likkutei Sichos, Inside Time, and more.

Long-time SAI participant Naomi Schleifer has this to say about the program: “The Living Chassidus SAI program really brings me back to myself and my avodas Hashem. It helps me focus on my goals for the year, both internally, in my interpersonal relationships, and especially in my relationship with Hashem. And it doesn’t hurt that there are prizes”.

This will be SAI Tishrei’s seventh year, and the Living Chassidus team is working on innovations that will make this year the best yet. Besides a new lineup of speakers and prizes, Living Chassidus has put together a booklet called Crowning the King SAI 2.0 with supplemental articles and reflective questions for participants who want even more inspiration. 

If you haven’t already signed up, now is the time. 

If you want to join a meaningful and fun learning experience with a group of like-minded women, especially in the spirit of hakhel, join Living Chassidus on August 25th to kickoff your Elul and Tishrei growth experience.

Link to sign up https://livingchassidus.org/sai/

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