With the World Shaking, Have You Forgotten Your Neighbor in Need?

It isn’t too early to give Matanos L’evyonim. This Purim direct yours to your neighbor in need and let him know that even though the world is in upheaval, you haven’t forgotten him.

The world is shaking, and everything seems to be in disarray.

Our hearts and minds are constantly torn in a million directions as we daven for and follow the journeys of our brothers and sisters in peril all across the globe. 

But with everything going on, it’s important for us to remember that we have neighbors who need us too.

The neighbor who goes costume shopping for her children with a prayer on her lips as she swipes her card.

The neighbor is already worrying and budgeting for his Purim seudah considering that Pesach is just around the corner. 

The neighbor who is wondering how he will make this Purim a joyous one for his family.

Purim is tomorrow, and you can help turn your neighbor’s stressful situation into a joyous one – Venahafochu!

The Keren Anash Matanos L’evyonim fund will take care to discreetly provide struggling members of the Crown Heights Community with the means to buy what they need for Purim so that they too can celebrate in a joyful and dignified manner. 

It isn’t too late to make a difference in their lives.

And it isn’t too early to give Matanos L’evyonim (funds will be distributed Bo Bayom).

Your neighbors are wondering if you’ve forgotten them.

Show them that you haven’t.


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