Winner of Tanya from the Rebbe Announced

The winner of Irgun Limmud Hatanya’s raffle for a Tanya that was given by the Rebbe was announced ahead of the Alter Rebbe’s yahrzeit.

This Yud Tes and Chof Kislev hundreds of people joined together in support of Irgun Limud HaTanya and the important work they do to spread the teachings of the Tanya throughout Boro Park.

The winner of the Tanya from the Rebbe has been announced:

Congratulations to Yerachmeal Jacobson from Crown Heights.

Thanks to all of those who participated in the raffle, Irgun Limud HaTanya will be able to continue to spread the light of Chassidus to many more individuals in the upcoming year!

For more information and to bring Irgun Limud HaTanya to your city, feel free to contact Rabbi Yoel Naparstek at [email protected]

To donate in honor of 24 Teves, Yom Hilula of the Alter Rebbe, please visit Donate | Irgun Limud Hatanya

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