Winner Chosen for Free Trip to Kazakhstan

Ateres Chaya Mushka offered a free trip to Kazakhstan as a raffle fundraiser this year, hundreds of donors participated in this successful campaign. The winner was revealed in line with today’s chitas.

In today’s Chitas the lots were drawn to determine the portion of land that each shevet will receive in Eretz Yisroel – by the decision of Hashem.

On this auspicious day, another lottery was drawn. Thirty days prior to the Yartzeit of the Rebbe’s father, Reb Leivik, Ateres Chaya Mushka drew the raffle to determine the winner of a free trip to Alma Ata, Kazakhstan on the Yartzeit of Reb Leivik, on the 20th of Av.

The team and faculty of Ateres Chaya Mushka extend their thanks to all the hundreds of donors and participants in this successful campaign. With your help, we B”H we reached 110% percent of our goal. Thank you Hashem!

This success gives us the funds and strength to continue in this holy work. Prior to the campaign’s launch, the principal of Ateres Chaya Mushka School, Mrs. Leah Levin, opened a letter from the Rebbe, in Igros Kodesh, which aptly discussed the concept of making a raffle (a goral).

In the letter, the Rebbe explains that even though there is just one winner, the winner has the koach to represent all the participants and include them in all the Brochos.

The grand raffle was drawn by Reb Elchanan Cohen, the shliach in Alma Ata, together with his son, a soldier in Tzivos Hashem, Menachem Mendel.

Ateres Chaya Mushka joyfully congratulates the winner of the trip to Kazakhstan, Rabbi Shalom Dover Drizin. We are certain that Rabbi Drizin is a worthy representative for the klal of the campaign. May all of your tefillos and those of all of Klal Yisroel be answered, betov hanire vehanigle.

As we continue in the parsha, just like the daughters of Tzelafchad had a righteous complaint, not to be left out from receiving a part in the holy land of Eretz Yisroel, so too our girls in Ateres Chaya Mushka share their longing and love for Torah, Chassidus and a chinuch that is complete Begashmius U’Beruchniyus, to guide them with the kochos to bring Moshiach now!

Click to see the drawing of the winner below:

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