Winner Announced for Hour with the Rebbe Raffle

Over 4,000 bochurim from 54 yeshivos joined together on Yud Shvat in 770 for an unforgettable ‘Hour With the Rebbe’ program. Those who answered review questions were entered into a raffle, and the winner was just announced.

On Motzoei Shabbos of Yud Shevat, over 4,000 bochurim from 54 yeshivas came together in 770 for an unforgettable Hour with the Rebbe. In a remarkable display of unity, they packed the downstairs Shul to experience a special one-hour presentation featuring the Rebbe’s Sichos and Niggunim, focusing on timely topics.

In preparation for the event, the bochurim were provided with a special booklet containing the Sichos to be presented during the hour with the Rebbe. Over Shabbos, they had the opportunity to study the material and answer the review questions in the booklet, enabling them be properly prepared for the program.

An astonishing two thousand bochurim enthusiastically completed the review questions and participated in an extraordinary raffle featuring a rare ksav yad kodesh of the Rebbe. Today, the suspense ended as Hillel Rappaport, a student at the Yeshiva of Queens, was thrilled to be announced as the raffle’s winner.

“I highly recommend getting online now to just watch what’s going on right now in 770”, Rabbi Sholom Raichik wrote to his fellow Shluchim during the event. “It’s beautiful “.

“I was blown away,” Yanky, a student at New Haven Mesivta, said. “It was my first time seeing something like this, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The scene was completely surreal.”

“Unbelievable to see the shul packed wall to wall with Bochurim participating”, said one the program’s key sponsors. “We should see the ultimate geula”.

An Hour with the Rebbe organizers would like to thank the many donors who contributed to make the event a reality, in particular: Mr Moshe Cohen, See View Optical, anonymous, the Prus family, the Greisman family, the Minkowitz family, the Kotlarsky family, the Cohen family, Silverline Funding, R’ Dudi Farkash, Rabbi Chai Amar, Mr Baruch Duchman, R’ Shmuel Spritzer, Screen Heights and many more.

To join them in contributing to the next generation of the Rebbe’s army click here:

It is our fervent hope to celebrate very soon with the Rebbe, the thousands of Bochurim and all our fellow Yidden in the Beis Hamikdosh Hashlishi.

VIDEO: Recap of ‘An Hour With the Rebbe’ 5784

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