Win A Rebbe Coin by Supporting Kallahs

The Crown Heights Bridal Giving Boutique helps kallahs have new clothes for her sheva brachos, without the anxiety and stress. Support them and win a coin from the Rebbe and 2 tickets to Eretz Yisroel.

A kallah walked into the Bridal Giving Boutique and expressed how she hasn’t bought herself new shabbos outfits in a long time. She was worried how she’d be able to buy new clothing for her sheva brachos, in addition to all her huge wedding expenses.

By the end of her private appointment, she walked out with gorgeous new outfits and all her needs taken care of! I wish you could see the glow on her face….it was priceless. 

We opened the Bridal Giving Boutique, because every bride deserves to feel beautiful and have new clothes for her sheva brachos, without the anxiety and stress. 

To date, we have helped over 400 kallahs. Each bride is welcomed to her private appointment and given personal attention while she “shops” for brand-new gorgeous outfits & accessories at no cost!

We are running a raffle campaign to continue our heartfelt work. We’re giving away a REBBE COIN in a custom diamond setting and 2 tickets to Israel. 

You can help kallahs now at

This Hachnosas Kallah is in memory of Rebbetzin Chave Hecht, OBM. 

Rebbetzin Laya Klein, Mrs. Brocha Chein, Mrs. Baila Hecht, Mrs. Subie Rubashkin and Mrs. Miri Gourarie are some of the remarkable women who are a part of The Bridal Giving Boutique.

The Diamond setting for the rebbe coin is sponsored by Kirsh Jewelers

לע”נ מרת חי’ בת הרה”ח יצחק הלוי

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