Will You Host a Shlucha This Kinus?

Kinus HaShluchos organizers have set up a form for those who have space to host during the kinus. It is their hope this helps to guarantee the best attendance for the Kinus this year in honor of Hakhel.

In a city in Europe, mother-of-four Shlucha Sheina is craving a break. She needs to be recharged.

BH her children and shlichus keep her busy from morning until night. But she wants so desperately to Daven at the Ohel, connect with other shluchos, and get some inspiration. She knows the Kinus is what she’s waiting for. It will be the first year she can go without taking a baby with her.

The flight she has saved up for. But she still doesn’t have a place to stay.

With no family in Crown Heights, she doesn’t even know who to ask. Some of her friends say that their hosts have a full house.

Even the rentals seem to be all booked up! Can you help? Can you host her while she comes to rejuvenate from 17-22 Shevat? There are plenty of Shluchos like Sheina.

There’s Rochie who just had a major health scare and feels so alone in her place of Shlichus. She needs to see her friends and cry with her sisters who live across the globe.

There’s Bracha who seems to be doing just fine but inside she’s collapsing from pressure to keep putting on events and she has no energy or motivation left.

There’s 9-year-old Chaya who is so excited to come for her first Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos. Her mother wasn’t able to come last year and she’s been counting the days to this one ever since.

If you can host a shlucha or if you have space for more than one, please fill out this form so that Shluchos like Sheina can come to the Kinus.

As part of the Hakhel Kinus Hashluchos this year, huge efforts are being made to ensure each and every Shlucha can join the kinus!

Many obstacles stand in the way. There are Shluchos raising money to help cover the costs of tickets for other Shluchos, and now we are trying to help every Shlucha find a place to stay! Many Shluchos don’t have family, friends or contacts to ask and also cannot afford to pay for a rental.

This is where you come in. Can you host a shlucha? All she needs is a bed! Do you know someone who may have an extra mattress, floor space, bedroom?

The responses to this form will only be seen by the committee of Shluchos working on this and will not be mass forwarded.

Please consider helping out and extending this message as far as possible. We appreciate the incredible Hachnasas Orchim of the Crown Heights community all throughout the year and every effort for this Mitzvah!

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