Will You Attend Devorah Benjamin’s Simcha?

Mazel tov, we’re having a wedding! Will you attend? Save the date for the upcoming campaign by KSCVK, which tirelessly helps so many in our community.

Please join us to celebrate this tremendous simcha!

Be sure to SAVE THE DATE!

And then the stress creeps in: How on Earth are we supposed to arrange this event when we have no funds and no idea where to even begin? The sparkle of mazel tovs and excitement of congratulations fade as the weight of overwhelm rapidly colors the endless list of decisions to be made.

Thousands of kallahs and chossonim have to navigate this enormous undertaking without support. Ba’alei teshuva and orphans in particular have no one to guide them through this complicated process, and they are joined by many of their peers in having insufficient funds to arrange an entire wedding. These overwhelmed young people turn to their friends: How am I supposed to make a wedding?? And the first answer from thousands of young people is: Don’t worry, I have this wedding planner. She saved us, she has everything you need –

Enter: the legendary Devorah Benjamin. For 29 years, over 5,000 couples have turned to this iconic powerhouse for help, and she ensures that every simcha is truly sameach. Devorah has built an organization to provide support and guidance to chossonim and kallahs from every background imaginable because a wedding should not be a struggle – it should be a celebration!

Presently, Devorah has 50 weddings in the works. These young couples and their families are looking to Devorah and her organization Keren Simchas Chosson V’Kallah to bring their weddings to life. It will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get these chuppahs up, and Devorah can’t do it alone.

And so, Devorah Benjamin and her team are inviting you and your friends to join KSCVK in raising $300,000 in 36 hours! Together, let’s partner with Devorah in her incredible work and help ensure that these new beginnings are beautiful, joyous and dignified. KSCVK is requesting your presence, your partnership and your positive impact at their campaign. Save the date! This event begins Monday May 31 at 9am – WILL YOU ATTEND?

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