Will the Rebbe Take Responsibility for Their Chinuch?

Having been promised success with his children, Reb Chaim Gutnick of Melbourne, Australia asked that the Rebbe take responsibility for grandchildren as well. But the Rebbe had a different idea.

Reb Chaim Gutnick of the Vaad Harabonim of Melbourne, Australia received unique expressions of care from the Rebbe. Once, in a yechidus, the Rebbe told him that he takes responsibility for the welfare of Reb Chaim’s children.

Years later, on 13 Teves 5751 (1990), Reb Chaim came to the Rebbe at Sunday dollars. He asked the Rebbe that this old commitment now be extended to his grandchildren, so “the Rebbe will take responsibility for them too.”

But the Rebbe didn’t consent, “Why are you preoccupied with my responsibilities? Better reflect on what you should be taking upon yourself!”

Reb Chaim wouldn’t give up. “At least as a partner,” he pleaded.

“Yes,” agreed the Rebbe. “You have my partnership.”

(Zorea Tzedakos Matzmiach Yeshuos, Page 12)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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