Will ‘Kevutzah’ Bochurim Be Coming to Crown Heights?

The hanhala of ‘kevutza’, the Israeli bochurim who travel to spend a year in Crown Heights, have begun sending out application forms for the coming school year, leaving many wondering if Crown Heights will once again be full of out-of-towners in the near future.

By Anash.org reporter

As the new school year steadily approaches, yeshivos are scrambling to figure out how, and if, they could open. One yeshiva, however, is beginning to prepare to bring hundreds of out-of-towners into Crown Heights.

The annual ‘Kevutzah’ brings hundreds of Israeli Chabad bochurim to Crown Heights to spend a year learning in Chabad World Headquarters at 770. In an average year, the process is simple for the most part, and the community gladly welcomes the bochurim.

This year, however, the world is in the midst of a raging pandemic, which shows no sign of letting up any time in the near future. Israel in particular, is experiencing a severe outbreak that is expected to last for months.

Nevertheless, the hanhala of kevutza has begun the process of sending out application forms for the coming year, potentially bringing hundreds of students from Israel to Crown Heights.

In recent letters, the Crown Heights Beis Din requested that no visitors come to the community, for the fear of bringing new COVID cases. With no new letter saying that guests can now come, the arrival of hundreds from overseas would seemingly be in defiance of the rabbonim’s request.

The letter accompanying the Kevutzah application form writes that they are yet unsure of what the following year will bring. However no mention is made of the Rabbonim’s letter, nor of any antibody tests as a prerequisite to coming.

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