Badatz: Don’t Visit for Gimmel Tammuz or Tishrei

With weddings now attracting visitors, the Crown Heights Beis Din is requesting that any trips to the neighborhood be postponed.

By reporter

With weddings picking up steam in Crown Heights, Gimmel Tammuz less than a month away and Tishrei on the horizon, Lubavitchers have their eyes set on visiting the neighborhood.

But for the moment, plans will need to be adjusted as the Beis Din is requesting that trips be postponed in order to keep Crown Heights residents safe.

The Rabbonim included the following, from the Gedalia Society and Dr. Rosen, in their latest recommendation:

“Related to travel (for the foreseeable future, including Gimmel Tammuz):

“Particularly concerning are those traveling to Crown Heights, who may not have had the virus, and who live elsewhere in places where there may still be sporadic cases occurring, and who are inadvertently carrying the illness with them.

“In order for all the members of our community (including the vulnerable) to attempt a cautious return to socialization, we must ask those intending to visit Crown Heights to postpone their trips for the foreseeable future. This might not work out with your plans, but it is for our protection. Thank you in advance for being considerate.”

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