“Wilkes” is Building for Our Future 

For over 23 years, Bais Menachem (aka “Wilkes”) has become a home and place of growth for hundreds of our youth. Today, they are preparing to build for our future.

Today, Bais Menachem (aka “Wilkes”) is hosting a 24-hour fundraiser to move the yeshiva forward.

For over 23 years, Bais Menachem (aka “Wilkes”) has become a home and place of growth for hundreds of our youth and gave them hope, strength, and success. Now, help them build further.

Read what Rabbi YY Jacobson says about Bais Menachem’s impact:

“A teenager once told me, “You know Rabbi YY, it’s not easy raising parents today.”

“We’re living in a generation, a very interesting generation, where many of our children are putting their parents through the wringer, and really challenging us to confront our own traumas, to become much more mature, profound, authentic, compassionate and loving.
“Before many of us recognized or could articulate this phenomenon, a small group of young men heard this call and understood the urgency, and committed to dedicate their lives and the lives of their young families to our children in need. They made it their personal mission.

“Over the last 23 years, thank G-d, Bais Menachem- known as “Wilkes” by many- has not just been fortunate enough to help hundreds and hundreds of young men begin finding their way forward in life, but has also been the nerve center for this cause, empowering others to go out and help in their own way. Several of their alumni and shluchim now run yeshivahs modeled after Bais Menachem, creating increasing homes for bochurim of all stripes and colors each year. 

“One of the facts of our generation is that so many families have children who are broken and struggling with their identities, struggling with their Yiddishkeit. And one of the greatest Yeshivahs in the world, that is there for these children, is Bais Menachem. I myself have a child there who absolutely loves it. 
This is a yeshiva that literally saves lives, and allows these children to mend their souls, to heal their brokenness, to discover their own inner infinite value, to rebuild themselves from inside out, and to create a life filled with Ahavas Hashem, Ahavas Hatorah, Ahavas Yisroel.

“This is our time, to open our hearts and help this incredible institution continue and grow, to literally save so many lives.
“Thank you.”
Parents Levi & Channie Kurinsky:

“Our son Mordechai is thriving in Bais Menachem in amazing ways! This was a dream come true for him! This Yeshivah has an incredibly dedicated team of staff who genuinely relate to each boy on an individual basis. The programs and resources are varied which allows the boys to grow with great enthusiasm. Your dollars will go a long way!”


“He didn’t want to go to any yeshiva, but when he went to Beis Menachem he didn’t want to leave the school doors, when he is home for vacation he talks about how much he misses yeshiva and the energy there! It’s a place where he is accepted for who he is!”

Donate now at BaisMenachem.com/future

If you have already contributed we want to thank you for helping us towards reaching our goal!

We would love you to join us in this endeavor and become a partner with us.

Only 24 hours left!

Thank you for your support!

Bais Menachem

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