Wider Baltimore Community Joins Chabad Farbrengen

The Baltimore Jewish community celebrated Yud Tes Kislev with a grand Seudas Yud Tes Kislev and a mega seforim sale, followed by an uplifting farbrengen with Rabbi Shmuel Heber.

The annual grand Seudas Yud Tes Kislev was held in its full glory this year at the spacious Kol Torah hall Tuesday night with the presence of many local Rabonim and attended by Anash and the greater Jewish community, along with the Bochurim of Yeshivas Lubavitch of Baltimore.

The hundreds of attendees were greatly inspired by the inspiring words of the MC Rabbi Levi Nejar – Menahel of Yeshivas Lubavitch Baltimore, along with local Rabonim Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan – Head Shliach of Maryland, Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon – Rov of Beis Lubavitch of Baltimore, and Rabbi Amrom Yosef Yungreis – local Rosh Kollel of “Kollel Kehal Chassidim”, along with the enthusiastic speech of the guest speaker Rabbi Shmuel Heber famed Magid Shiur and Rosh Kollel of Kollel Ahavas Achim in Crown Heights.

The crowd watched a video of the Rebbe towards the beginning of the event, music and niggunim between speakers, and energetic dancing towards the end.

The Seuda was then followed by a very captivating, warm, and educational farbrengen by Rabbi Heber to which the participants listened attentively into the wee hours of the night.

The event included a mega Seforim sale for Sifrei Chassidus in Lashon Kodesh and English and biographies of the Rabbeim and Chassidim, of which hundreds were sold including to some that bought Sifrei Chassidus for the first time. There was a stand to buy an Ois B’sefer Torah for kids and adults, along with a Chalukas Hashas that was completed twice.

A new Sunday morning Chassidus learning program between Anash and Bochurim was launched, with cards at every seat encouraging the participants to sign up to this program.

The event were organized by the Shluchim of Yeshivas Lubavitch Baltimore who worked tirelessly for weeks in advance for the complete success of the event, in close conjunction with the Hanhalah of Yeshiva, head Shliach Rabbi Kaplan and the Rov of Anash Rabbi Lisbon.

The event in general and Seforim sale specifically were widely advertised, thus generating recognition of this day and a great Kiddush Lubavitch.

To donate towards this event or other program by the Shluchim of the Yeshiva including this upcoming Chanukah Mivtzoyim, please contact us at: [email protected]

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