Why You Must Vote in This Election

Watch: A short animated video illustrates why every single resident of Crown Heights must get out and vote in the upcoming Mayoral and City Council elections.

The coming primary election is perhaps the most important in Crown Heights’s history. 

Michael Hollingsworth, the candidate endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), will win the City Council seat for Crown Heights–unless we unite behind his opponent, Crystal Hudson.

A Council Member can interfere with everything from chinuch to funding for mosdos, and police protection.  

The Democratic Socialists of America already succeeded in putting anti-Israel Phara Souffrant Forrest into the State Assembly in the district right near Crown Heights. They want a foothold in the City Council through Michael Hollingsworth, with their headquarters in Crown Heights.

This threat has created total unity of Crown Heights community activists against Michael Hollingsworth and in support of Crystal Hudson.

This election is too important for anyone to be sitting out and on the sidelines. We need to come together as one, and send a clear and loud message, that we do not want a DSA foothold in our community. Not now or ever. It is up to each and every one of us to do our part by voting. This election will be decided by a handful of votes. Your children, your community and your neighbors are counting on you. 

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How do I know if I am registered and as a democrat?
Check your status here- https://www.nycvotersearch.com/

How do I know which city council district I am in?
Check your address here- https://findmypollsite.vote.nyc/

How do I find my early voting or Election Day polling site?
Click here- https://findmypollsite.vote.nyc/

How can I see who is on my ballot so I know who to vote for?
Click here- https://vote.nyc/page/understanding-ballot

How do I request an absentee ballot?
Click here- https://nycabsentee.com/

When is the deadline to request an absentee ballot?
June 15th

When does Early Voting Begin?
Saturday, June 12th and runs through Sunday, June 20th.

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