Why We Launched the Bridal Giving Boutique

The women who stand at the helm of the Crown Heights Bridal Giving Boutique relate what inspired them to step up and take on leadership positions in the organization.

An innovative campaign to help Kallahs in need launched over one year ago, with Rebbetzin Laya Klein, Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky and other prominent Crown Heights women at the helm. Since then, the Bridal Giving Boutique at NCFJE has served over one-hundred kallahs in need, with new beautiful sheva brachos outfits, shoes & accessories which they shop out of their Crown Heights showroom at no-cost.

As the Bridal Giving Boutique launches a new $54,000 raffle campaign to assist engaged and newly-married young ladies, the board members Rebbetzin Laya Klein, Subie Rubashkin, Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky, and Miri Gourarie sound off on what inspired them to become the leadership of the Bridal Giving Boutique.

“I’ve been a kallah teacher for many years and have always seen a need for an undertaking that would bring joy to a kallah by giving her the comfort of knowing her needs are being taken care of,” said Rebbetzin Laya Klein. “This project fills a very important void. Hachnossas kallah is a mitzvah that has no measure, and the reward is very great.”

“I’ll never forget the excitement and butterflies of shopping with my mother before my wedding,” Mrs. Miri Gourarie recalls, “what a bonding experience it was, to try on all those dresses and gowns and make sure everything was just right. I feel blessed to have had such magical, warm memories and I want nothing more than for every bride to feel that same excitement.”

“Being a kallah is such a special time, usually the kind of thing a girl dreams about from a young age,” said Mrs. Subie Rubashkin. “Helping a girl feel a little more special by easing her burdens is an honor. We want every kallah to feel like a princess from the moment she steps into the showroom. I feel lucky to be a part of this.”

“Even before an engagement, very often the Kallah to be BE”H, has concerns about how finances will allow her to be happy,” said Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky. “Knowing that there is Hachnosas Kallah to help provide beautiful outfits, is very comforting. It allows the young lady to start her new life with more ease and SIMCHA! A most important ingredient, L’Chaim!”

Join the campaign to ensure that every bride feels beautiful and cared for!

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