Why We Are Running As a Slate

The five yungerleit who are running as a slate for the CHJCC elections explain their platform here and elucidate what they will offer the community.

Dear Friend,

Many people have been asking us, why are you running for the Vaad Hakohol/Crown Heights Jewish Community Council as a slate?

It’s no secret that this year’s election for leadership of the CHJCC is a unique opportunity for our community. Over the past number of years, our community has experienced tremendous growth, B”H. There are many more families that live here, our schools and mosdos have grown by leaps and bounds, and many new community shuls and organizations have sprouted up.

At the same time we face many challenges. From the high cost of living, to safety and security in our streets, to the cost of housing and tuition, there is much to be done.

The Vaad Hakohol and the CHJCC have the ability to rise up to these challenges and make real changes in many areas that will affect us all for the better.

But to make these changes, the Vaad must be united, have a very clear understanding of what we face and a clear vision for the betterment of the entire community.

In the past, in-fighting within the Vaad and a lack of clarity of vision made it difficult to work together to actually tackle the issues and affect real change.

Our slate is a group of yungerleit from Crown Heights who have experience affecting real change in the areas of business, practice and community service. Our unified goal will be to implement processes to easily and effectively obtain government funding and successful programs for the benefit of every segment of our community.

By electing us, we will have a Vaad that has experience working together and creating real change without the machlokes and dysfunction that has often plagued the community in the past.

We plan to work every day to make the shechuna an easier and better place to live, a neighborhood and community that truly embodies the Rebbe’s blessing and promise of “kan tziva Hashem es habrocha” for every part of our community.

Together, we can work to implement our vision for a community living together beharchava ubeachdus, in material comfort and true Chassidishe unity.

On June 2, 25 Iyar, please vote for the unified slate of candidates running for the Vaad Hakahal: Meir New, Berel Hildesheim, Dovid Leib Halon, Zalman Friedman, and Shmuel Rosenstein, five yungerleit committed to actively representing the interests of the entire Crown Heights Jewish community.

To contact the slate, email [email protected]

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