Why “Jewish At Heart” Is Not Enough

Out of six-hundred-thirteen mitzvos, only a tiny fraction are directives dealing with our emotions. Why? 

If you could define Judaism in one word, what would it be? 

Spirituality? Connection? Soul? 

How about “action”?


Before the Mishkan building project, Hashem showed Moshe a Heavenly image of the menorah. That spiritual image did not suffice. Hashem wanted action. The Jewish people were solicited to donate actual gold, silver, and other materials to the Mishkan. Through these contributions, G-dliness was brought into the palpable, physical elements of the world. 

Mitzvos consist of two parts, a body and soul. The physical act is called the body of the mitzvah. The soul is the intention and feeling that fuels the action. While a body without a soul is not alive, without the deed itself, the mitzvah is unfulfilled. 

The main goal of our Divine service is concrete action. When we use our bodies and possessions for a mitzvah, the physical becomes a receptacle for the spiritual. A Jew has more than a heart that’s waiting to be part of the Jewish experience. 

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