Why is Noach Mentioned in the Megillah?

A new sefer by R’ Simcha Teich of Crown Heights titled ‘Targum Simcha’ is a collection of original chidushei Torah making the connection between the weekly Parsha and simcha.

R’ Simcha Teich of Crown Heights published a sefer ‘Targum Simcha’. The Sefer connects the weekly Parsha with the holiday of Purim.

The work is a collection of original chidushei Torah with the goal of the sefer being to find the joy of Purim throughout the year.

The sefer includes divrei bracha from the Satmer Rebbe as well as Haskamos from prominent Rabbonim, Mashpiim and Rosh Yeshivos.

The first volume released is Sefer Bereishis and it is a great companion at the Shabbos table.

It is a beautiful way to continue the Simcha after Sukkos 

The sefer is available for only $10, which includes shipping.

Each order receives a Hebrew and English version.

To order a book: https://forms.gle/LMYcu5SxVffdnXbi8

All purchases support the work of the Targum Simcha.

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