Why I Chose To Partner With Maor

Rabbi Matisyahu Devlin, a teacher in LEC Florida, shares how MyMaor children’s videos have impacted his family and students, and what inspired him to support them in their mission.

By Matisyahu Devlin
Teacher, LEC Florida

There are so many amazing organizations and projects out there. What is it about the MyMaor children’s videos that drew me to become a Maor Partner?

As a father and a Mechanech, the chinuch of our children is on my mind. From its inception, Maor has produced hundreds of kids videos that are relatable and accessible to even the youngest in our community. The videos instill a chayus and lebbedikeit for chassidus which empowers our children in the ways of chassidus. 

Whenever there is an upcoming Yom Tov or a special day on the calendar, I know I can always count on MyMaor for that special lesson, that little extra inspiration that I can give to my students. The follow-up question after the video really drives each new point home. They can then take this home to their families. And I even bring these messages home to my own children. 

I see the way that my own children and my students’ faces light up when they see their name or a friend’s name announced on their birthdays. It gets them really excited to continue watching more videos and to continue answering more questions. Whether it’s to hear another sicha or farbrengen, to learn another niggun, to learn more about Moshiach, or to understand one of the 12 pesukim, there’s always a drive to connect with chassidus and the Rebbeim even more. 

On a personal level, the children’s videos that Maor produces impact my own hiskashrus to the Rebbe. When I see my students so inspired, wanting to connect to the Rebbeim, and I see my own children at home, uplifted by these videos, wanting to learn more, wanting to do more mitzvos, to increase in ahavas yisrael, walking around singing the niggunim that they’ve learnt… it really inspires me and pushes me to improve my own hiskashrus to the Rebbe and to work on my own Chassidishkeit. 

I was inspired to take on a bigger partnership to support MyMaor’s mission. I encourage everyone to give whatever they can.

Partnering with MyMaor is not just about producing another set of videos. When someone partners with MyMaor, they are partnering with all of the children all around the world, in every classroom and in every home, to increase their chassidishkeit, to bolster their own hiskashrus to the Rebbe, and to bring up another generation of chassidim who are proud to be connected to our Rebbe!

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Maor is running a MaorPartners campaign right now.
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