Why Do We Light Menorah Indoors?

In an original and fascinating shiur, Rabbi Isser Zalman Weisberg discusses the development of the mitzvah of lighting the menorah and the Minhag Chabad. He finds sources for the custom to light indoors and about reciting a bracha at public lightings.

Among the issues discussed are:

  • The development of the Mitzvah of Hadlokas Neiros throughout the ages.
  • Why did Chazal establish the Mitzvah with three levels of observance?
  • Why do most people still light inside?
  • Who are the primary targets for Pirsumei Nisa?
  • Halachic Basis for lighting the Menorah in Shul with a Brocha.
  • How essential is it to spend time by the menorah?
  • Some important points about Menorah Lightings in public areas

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