Why Are You Smiling?

The Rebbe saw a direct correlation between gashmiyus and ruchniyus. When R’ Simcha Werner looked surprised that learning more Chassidus would help his mother’s health, the Rebbe made the connection clear.

When the Montreal Lubavitch Rosh Yeshiva Reb Aizek Shwei became ill with yene machla at a relatively young age, he wrote to the Rebbe asking for a bracha.

The Rebbe responded with a directive to appoint for himself a personal Mashpia.

Immediately, Reb Aizek appointed Reb Itche Shpringer as his Mashpia, and the illness disappeared.

Once, in the middle of a farbrengen, Reb Simcha Werner approached the Rebbe between the sichos, and requested a bracha for his mother who wasn’t feeling well.

“Add in learning Chassidus” the Rebbe advised.

Reb Simcha smiled.

Vos shmeichelst du? Why are you smiling?” the Rebbe reproached him, “Everything depends on the ruchnius!”

(Moments Archive; Teshura Werner Adar 2 5779)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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